Chevrolet Avalanche – two good generations

The Chevrolet Avalanche is a great choice for a workhorse car, whether you buy it new or used. In this car review, we will cover the Chevrolet Avalanche specs and benefits. Both of the generations of the model provide durability and impeccable cargo space. The flexibility of the cargo bed is very useful as it can shift from a full-sized cargo pick-up truck with two passenger spaces to a mid-size convertible cargo truck with five to six comfortable passenger spaces. Of course, the security and safety of the goods and luggage carried in the cargo bed is ensured by a sturdy hardcover.

Chevrolet Avalanche 2.0

The second generation of the Chevy Avalanche came to the market in 2007. There were improvements to the design of the body as it had a more prominent nose shape. The car also featured improvements on how the body felt while driving and the overall control. Passengers comfort took a more important role in the making of the second generation, and there were serious enhancements introduced in terms of accessibility and cabin controls. This Chevy Avalanche review will not focus in detail on the different variations of the model; however, there is the (LS) midgrade model, (LT) luxurious version, and the Avalanche (LTZ).  The (LTZ) came with optional features like leather interior, Bose audio system and an integrated entertainment hub for the rear of the car.


All Avalanche models are equipped with a 5.3-liter V8 engine, which brings out 320 HP and a 340-pound-feet torque. In the period 2007-2009, there was also a 6.0-liter V8 engine, which produced 46HP more, and improved the torque by 40-pound-feet. The standard gearbox was a four-speed automatic one, which aimed at improving fuel economy; however, in 2009 there was an optional six-speed automatic gearbox as well. This powerful powertrain system makes the Avalanche model extremely suitable for heavy towing. In 2008, the Chevy Avalanche models came with standard airbag equipment on the sides, and in 2009, the LTZ version came with additional heating and ventilation on the front seats.  The final models of the Chevy Avalanche hit the markets in 2013 and the model released during this year was popularly known as the Black Diamond Avalanche.  This last model featured additional badges around the exterior and interior and was created with a touch of special attention to detail.

When the first generation of Avalanche models came out it featured either a two or four-wheel drive, in both half-ton (1500) and three-quarter (2500) ton designations. The 1500 variation came with a  5.3-liter V8 engine producing 285HP. The 2500 model came with an 8.1-liter V8 engine, which brought out the more powerful 340HP and improved the carrying and towing capacity of the car. Both of these variations were equipped with a four-speed automatic transmission. One of the most important features, which became a standard in 2006, was the stability mechanism.

Both generations of Avalanche models are extremely useful when it comes to storage space and powertrain. If you are looking for a reliable work vehicle, which can carry or tow a lot of weight this would be a very suitable choice.


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