The all-electric car will save the Earth

This car review will focus on the Chevy Bolt, which was just released in Canada this year. The Chevrolet Bolt Canada edition features an all-electric engine, which has a 383 km range supported by a liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery. The car provides a good run for one charge, which means that an overnight charge will be enough for a full day drive around the city. The Chevy Bolt comes in two versions: the standard LT trim, and a more luxurious Premier trim. Standard features of the model are a 10.2 diagonal full-color touchscreen, a camera including rear vision, Michelin self-sealing tires, and paddle on the steering wheel. The improvements on the Primer trim included heated leather seats, surround camera and a camera mounted in the rear mirror.

Driver Comfort and Ease

The dashboard of the Chevy Bolt features a digital instrument, which provides the driver with three different values: maximum, minimum and optimal estimate based on the style of driving and employment of accessories and extras like climate control and audio.  This Chevy Bolt review cannot miss mentioning that this car was designed to make the switch from a gasoline to electric car as easy as possible.  Getting used to one pedal driving is somewhat challenging, but still easy to get used to. The car brakes with the help of a small paddle located on the left side of the steering wheel, which increases the amount of regenerative braking when held while the car is in motion. The Chevy Bolt interior is extremely focused on providing ease of access and comfort for the driver.

Chevrolet Bolt Recognition

In December 2016, the Chevy Bolt was recognized by several big names in the automobile world. Motor Trend stated that the Chevy Bolt is the 2017 Car of the year and 2017 North America car of the year. Automobile Magazine gave the Bolt the title 2017 All-star, while Time Magazine included the model in the list 25 Innovations of 2016.

What is inside?

The Bolt might look like it is somewhat small because of the underfloor battery; however, the front seats are elevated which leaves that impression on first sight. Overall, Chevy made the best possible arrangements for the interior of this small car. There is a central console, which has space for cup holders and phone holders, and even a waste bin on the floor between the driver and the front passenger. The Chevy Bolt provides an amazingly smooth drive even on rough terrain as the underfloor battery is securely attached and cushioned with damping.

The Chevy Bolt is a revolution in car making and is probably one of the best electric cars available on the market. It has a stunning interior and exterior look, and an unmatchable performance hidden under the hood.

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