Honda Odyssey

The 2016 Honda Odyssey Review

This car review will provide insight into one of the most reliable Honda models on the market. The 2016 Honda Odyssey is extremely functional as it offers the option to serve as a car with significant storage space, or a family or business travel car with 7 seats. The 2016 model comes with several new additions like a satellite radio, entertainment applications for the back passenger seats and the new “SE” feature, which makes the EX trim even better. We cannot miss the 115-volt power outlet included in the model as well.

Ever since 1995, the Odyssey model has witnessed great improvement. The first model of the series was a five-door hatchback, while today the car is focused on becoming a reliable family van. There are even variations of the model. The basic one is the LX, but there are also the EX, SE, and EX-L versions. The Touring and Touring-Elite submodels of the Odyssey are the classy and more luxurious versions of the car mainly the best minivan of 2016.

Performance as the main value

Honda Odyssey 2016 specs are quite amazing. The 2016 Honda Odyssey is not only extremely spacious with its seven seats, but it also carries a serious engine under the hood. It has a 3.5-liter V6 engine, which can put out up to 248 HP. The model also comes with greatly improved driver facilities and better passenger comfort. The Odyssey has an automatic gearbox with 6 speeds, and the fuel consumption comes at 30.5 liters per 126 kilometers for city rides, and 44.8 liters per 126 kilometers for highway drives.

The impressive thing that this car review led us to find is that the 2016 Honda Odyssey proves the manufacturer bets on a great batch of standard features, which come with the basic models and Honda Odyssey 2016 price is quite affordable. There is a reverse parking system which includes a camera, also cruise control and air-conditioning. The navigation and radio systems are also coupled with an 8-inch multimedia screen including Bloodshot connectivity and USB output. In terms of safety, the Odyssey is equipped with collision warnings, blind-spot warnings as well as a lane departure function.

Your choice

A guarantee when buying the 2016 Honda Odyssey is the exceptional driving experience and the high level of comfort, which come with each of the submodels of the car. However, once you get past this there is a huge list of additional functionalities and extras, which you can order. For example, the EX models offer an extra notch of luxury and classiness, including several additional comfort features. Some of these are dual powered sliding doors and automatic adjustment of the headlights. The new 2016 SE model comes with great improvements in the entertainment and audio-visual services, as it offers an integrated DVD player. It also comes with an additional rear seat and an amazing Honda vacuum cleaner. And the most top-notch is the Touring Elite model which is equipped with a widescreen rear-video monitor and surround sound of the audio system.

The Honda Odyssey is one of the most reliable cars produced by the Japanese manufacturer, and the best thing is it combines class and style with functionality and storage space, so if you are looking to get a new car this just might be the one for you!

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